April 2016

This month’s meeting will feature a special panel discussion of the books and other resources these members have found important to their development as writers.
  Linda Basinger will discuss particular aspects of fiction writing (like deep point of view!) and quote from some of her resources.
  Mary Payne will share not only the various trails she had to find and follow in researching her nonfiction two-volume book, Adoption’s Hidden History, but also some of her favorite books on writing.
  Shelley Anne Richter will discuss some of her resources in her success as a screenwriter.
  Tom Barczak, who has published Veil of the Dragon, a fantasy, as well as many short stories, will tell us about his favorite books that have helped him as a writer in the fantasy genre.
  Prepare to take notes as these seasoned writers comment on how certain books and resources have informed, guided, and inspired their writing. The atmosphere will be informal, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about helpful books on various aspects of writing.