Winning Writers

Congratulations to winners in the 2020 Oklahoma Writers' Federation, Inc., annual contest who are also members of the Norman Galaxy of Writers. These were the 2020 wins:

Barbara Shepherd:
3rd HM, Short-Short Story: Fractured
1st HM, Poetry, Unrhymed Short: Incarcerated
3rd place, Play/Film/TV Script: The Cover-Up
2nd place, Short-Short Story, Juvenile: Hear Me on the Radio
1st place, Novel (Mystery or Suspense/Thrilled): Just Call Me Jill

Shelley-Anne Richter:
2nd HM: A Dog Named Wide Load
1st HM, Juvenile Short Story: Star Sign
1st place, Play/Film/Tv Script: A View of Death
1st place, Rhymed Poetry Long: The Fish That Got Away

Lisbeth L. McCarty:
1st HM, Prose Humor: Love, Judge Zimmerman
3rd place, Blog: Oxford Commas for Sale
2nd place, Inspirational Article: Sweet World Beyond
1st place, Feature Article: What's The Appeal?

Mary Flowers Brannon:
3rd place, Flash Fiction: Red Lips, Spike Heels, and Attitude


Congratulations to Barbara Shepherd for being the 2019 Poetry Society Poet Laureate!


Congratulations to the members of the Norman Galaxy of Writers who won in the 2019 Arkansas
Writing Contest:

Shelley Anne Richter:
HM Short Story, The Mail Carrier's Route
HM Short Story, Bring on the Parade
HM Poetry, Bards to the Rescue 
HM Inspirational, Saving Bridgett
2nd Place, Short Story Bessie 
2nd Place, Mystery Short Story The Dark Inside

Lisbeth L. McCarty:
3rd HM, Gimme the Creeps Short Story, A Ghost Has No Flesh and Bones
2nd HM, Who-Dunnit Short Story, Off the Menu
1st Place, Prose Award, I Am Liza

Congratulations to members of the Norman Galaxy of Writers who won at the 2019 OWFI annual contest:

Barbara Shepherd:
2nd Honorable Mention, Rhymed Long Poetry, Only in Oklahoma
1st Honorable Mention, Juvenile Short Story Fiction, The Boy who Wanted to Wash Dishes
1st Honorable Mention, Young Adult Novel, Web of Deceit
3rd place, Play, Film, or TV Script, Lady Trail Boss

Lisbeth L. McCarty:
1st Honorable Mention, Non-Fiction Featured Article, When Genius Goes Wrong
2nd place, Inspirational Article, Dreams of Sandy
3rd place, Short-Short Adult Story, Peppers and Salt
1st place, Rhymed Long Poetry, Heads Bowed, Eyes Down