List of NGW Contest Winners

2021 Writing Contest Winners
Contest Chair: Hamp McCool
Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Winner: Cindy Noble, Twilight Rangers.

Flash Fiction: 1st, Barbara Sheperd, Old Lawmen Ride Again; 2nd, Mary Brannon, Blood, Sweat, and Fear; 3rd, Mary Payne, Scandalous Headlines.

Adult Short Story: 1st, Lisbeth McCarty, Take My Word for It, Obvi; 2nd, Barbara Shepherd, The Tavern; 3rd, 3rd, Mary Payne, Newlywed U-Turn.

Children's Fiction: 1st, Mary Payne, Plums in Glum; 2nd; Debra Chamber, Ben Nevis, The Great Ice Dragon; 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Close Call.

Nonfiction Feature Article: 1st, Barbara Shepherd, 3500 Murals and Counting; 2nd, Mary Brannon, Red Lipstick; 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, To Beep or Not to Beep.

Nostalgic Essay: 1st, Melonie B. Hyland, Impact; 2nd, Debra Chambers, Unconditional Love; 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Children of a Lesser Brand; Honorable Mention,

Barbara Shepherd, Midwife on Call.

Novel: 1st, Cindy Noble, Twilight Rangers; 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, A Piece of the Puzzle; 3rd, Barbara Shepherd, Just Call Me Jill.

Rhymed Poetry: 1st, Barbara Shepherd, Bouquet of Friends; 2nd, Dan Snell, On a Quiet Campus June 2022; 3rd, Melonie B. Hyland, Not There; Honorable Mention; Mary Brannon, Petticoat Justice.

Unrhymed Poetry: 1st, Hugh Jeffers, The Organ Master; 2nd, Barbara Shepherd, Willie's Wild Ride; 3rd, Jennis Raney, Dream of Wild Horses; Honorable Mention, Melonie B. Hyland, Red Things and Birds.

2020 Writing Contest:
Contest Chair: Dan Snell
Contest Winners:

Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Winner: Shelley Anne Richter, The Haircut from Mars 

Children's Short Story: 3rd, Debra Chambers, Lost and Found; 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, The Magic of Music; 1st, Shelley Anne Richter, The Haircut from Mars.
Unrhymed Poetry: 3rd, Shelley Anne Richter, Late So Soon, 2nd, Barbara Shepherd, Ravens; 1st, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Solstice.

Rhymed Poetry: 1st, Barbara Shepherd, In the Land of Make Believe.

Novel: 3rd, Debra Chambers, Breadenhurt Academy; 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Never Miss an Opportunity; 1st, Barbara Shepherd, None Such Road.

Nostalgia: Honorable Mention, Mary Spaulding, I was a Victim of Internet Fraud; 3rd, Barbara Shepherd, Saturday Shopping; 2nd, Shelley Anne Richter, Fascination; 1st, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Card Shark.

Flash Fiction; 3rd, Jennie Raney, Anger in the Night; 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Go Ahead; 1st, Mary Payne, The Boy Who Hates Curls.

Short Story: 3rd, Melonie B. Hylan, Quirk; 2nd, Shelley Anne Richter, Goodbye Luncheon; 1st, Barbara Shepherd, Blood Money.

Feature Article: 3rd, Mary Payne, How Adoptees Can Learn Their Pre-Adoption History; 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, Shallow Water Blackout; 1st, Barbara Shepherd, Poems for Profit: Hobby of Business?

2019 Writing Contest :
Contest Chair: Lisbeth L. McCarty Contest Winners: Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Winner: Worldmakers, Cindy Noble. Children's Short Story:  3rd, The Fawn, Roy Hampton McCool; 2nd, Star Sign, Shelley Anne Richter; 1st, The Worst Thing EverDaniel Snell.
Short Story: 3rd, The Sandwich Generation, Mary Payne; 2nd, The Dark Inside, Shelley Anne Richter; 1st, Fractured, Barbara Shepherd.
Nostalgia: 3rd, What My Cats Have Taught Me, Mary Spaulding; 2nd, The Keys to My Future, Barbara Shepherd; 1st, Spotted-Nation Smith, Shelley Anne Richter.
Unrhymed Poetry: 3rd, September, Susan Cogan; 2nd, Off Cuba, Roy Hampton McCool; 1st, Petition, Daniel Snell.
Rhymed Poetry: 2nd Honorable Mention, Christmas Greeting, Helen Duchon; 1st Honorable Mention, Summer Cowboy, Barbara Shepherd; 3rd, Bye Bye, Shelley Anne Richter; 2nd, Cinnamon, Cloves, and Regret, Jennie Raney; 1st, Laminar Life, Douglas Botner.
Flash Fiction: Honorable Mention, Road Trip, Brianna Narr; 3rd, Red Lips, Spike Heels, and Attitude, Mary Flowers Brannon; 2nd, You're Joking, Linda Basinger; 1st, Whispering Woods, Barbara Shepherd.
Non-Fiction Feature Article: Honorable Mention, Kindred Spirit, Sara Hoklotubbe; 3rd, The Garden Lady, Shelley Anne Richter; 2nd, Don't Look Now, Robert Macfadzean; 1st, The New Hire, Barbara Shepherd.
Novel: Honorable Mention, Uneasy Echoes, Gerry Hils; 3rd, Girls on the Altar, Daniel Snell; 2nd, Buddha's Dragon, Susan Cogan; 1st (tie): Promises to Keep, Kathleen Park; Worldmakers, Cindy Noble.

2018 Writing Contest:

Contest Chair: Mary Payne

Contest Winners:

Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Award: Lisbeth L. McCarty for "Peppers and Salt."
Short Story, Adult:
1st Place Lisbeth McCarty — “Peppers and Salt”
2nd Place Mary Flowers Brannon — “Saturday Afternoon in 1968”
3rd Place Shelley Anne Richter — “Ring Dance”

Nostalgic Essay:
1st Place Lisa Duchon — “Mother Irene Was Right All Along
2nd Place Lisbeth McCarty — “Greasy Spoon Boon"
3rd Place Roy Hampton McCool — “Fran and the Lake House”

Non-Fiction Article Writing:
1st Place Mary Flowers Brannon  — “Guess What’s Coming to Dinner?”
2nd Place Shelley Anne Richter  — “Saving Bridgett”
3rd Place Lisbeth McCarty — “What’s the Appeal?”

Rhymed Poetry:
1st Place Lisbeth McCarty — “I Refuse”
2nd Place Barbara Shepherd — “Wanted”
3rd Place Shelly Anne Richter — “The Wolf”

Unrhymed Poetry:
1st Place Lisbeth McCarty — “The Choreography of Chlorophyll”
2nd Place Roy Hampton McCool — “Watching Women Leave”
3rd Place Shelley Anne Richter — “Vainglory”
Honorable Mention Barbara Shepherd — “She’s Always Late”

Juvenile Fiction:
1st Place Barbara Shepherd — “The Noisy Peacock”
2nd Place Lisbeth McCarty — “I’ll Have That”
3rd Place Roy Hampton McCool — “Heroes of the Fire”Honorable Mention Shelley Anne Richter — “Jim ‘n’ I”

2017 Contest Winners:

Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Award: Barbara Shepherd for Short Story, "Octavia's Secret"

Short Story:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd, "Octavia's Secret"
  • 2nd, Susan Cogan, "Monster for Hire"
  • 3rd, Charles R. Richter II, "The Invisible Cop"
Nostalgic Essay:
  • 1st, Mary Spaulding, "My Very Most Unforgettable Character"
  • 2nd, Keith Eaton, "Remembering Paul and Jackie . . . Rack 'Em LA 1967
  • 3rd, tie, Ariel White, "Sympathetic Feelings"
  • 3rd, tie, Lisbeth L. McCarty, "While We Whiled"
  • Honorable Mention, Mary Flowers Brannon, "Could He Do It?"
Children's Fiction:
  • 1st, Shelley Anne Richter, "Bigfoot and the Latch-Key Kid"
  • 2nd, Barbara Shepherd, "Dinosaur Hunters"
  • 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty, "Wesley Whistled While Working"
Rhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Lisbeth L. McCarty, "Heads Bowed, Eyes Down"
  • 2nd, Salome L. Vaughn, "Heistin's Light of Love"
  • 3rd, Mary Flowers Brannon, "Bathing Suit"
Unrhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Stephen Flowers, "A Clutter of Clouds"
  • 2nd, Ariel White, "Clear, Crisp December"
  • 3rd, Mary Flowers Brannon, "Devil Nun at St. Joseph's"
  • 1st, Shelley Anne Richter, "A Dog Named Wide-Load"
  • 2nd, Barbara Shepherd, "William Scott Receives Quilt of Valor"
  • 3rd, Mary Spaulding, "Get Your Mammograms"
  • Honorable Mention, Charles R. Richter II, "Robin Redbreast Family"

2016 Contest Winners:

Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Award: Barbara Shepherd for Short Story, "Daffodil Waltz"

Nostalgic Essay:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "Fighting Wildfire"
  • 2nd, W. Michael Whaley: "Tale of Two Elders"
  • 3rd, Skye Brannon Lucking: "Midnight Potato Salad"
Short Story:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "Daffodil Waltz"
  • 2nd, Mary Flowers Brannon: "But, Son, You Don't Need a Pierced Ear"
  • 3rd, Rebel Sowell: "Whispering Trees"
Rhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Shelley Ann Richter: "Suppers on the Farm"
  • 2nd, Mary Flowers Brannon: "Ode to a Football Widow"
  • 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "Fumbling at Struggling with Self"
Unrhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Shelley Anne Richter: "Invested Artistry"
  • 2nd, Mary Flowers Brannon: "All's Roswell that Emails"
  • 3rd, Barbara Shepherd: "The Journey"
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "How to Turn Ninety in Style"
  • 2nd, Skye Brannon Lucking: "Bag Man"
  • 3rd, Mary Payne: "Mapping the Quest for Adoption Records"
Children's Fiction:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "Granny's Gift"
  • 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "Allie Ate an Alligator"
  • 3rd, Skye Brannon Lucking: "My Earliest Fine Art Memory"

2015 Contest Winners:

Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Award: Sylvia Forbes for Nostalgic Essay, "Tales from the Swamp"

Nostalgic Essay:
  • 1st, Sylvia Forbes: "Tales from the Swamp"
  • 2nd, Keith Eaton: "Friends Across Time"
  • 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "My Sister's Life as a Taco"
Short Story:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "Ride the River"
  • 2nd, Shelley Ann Richter: "The Five Claws of the Dragon"
  • 3rd, Sherry Bynum: "Death Came Too Soon"
Rhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Sylvia Forbes: "A Gardener's Woes"
  • 2nd, Shelley Ann Richter: "Wilderness Adventure"
  • 3rd, Barbara Shepherd: "Falling 101"
  • Honorable Mention, Skye Brannon Lucking: "Lies"
Unrhymed Poetry:
  • 1st, Barbara Shepherd: "Power of a River Stone"
  • 2nd, Shelley Ann Richter: "Looking up Heroes"
  • 3rd, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "Cool, Calm, and Detected"
  • 1st Honorable Mention, Mary Flowers Brannon: "The Devil Nun:
  • 2nd Honorable Mention, Skye Brannon Lucking: "The Decision"
  • 1st, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "The Church of No People"
  • 2nd, Shelley Anne Richter: "The Devil's Worship"
  • 3rd, Sylvia Forbes: "Out for an Afternoon Stroll"
Children's Fiction:
  • 1st, Mary Payne: "Lonely Lilly Needs a Friend"
  • 2nd, Lisbeth L. McCarty: "A Ghost Has No Flesh and Bones"
  • 3rd, Shelley Anne Richter: "Echo"
2014 Norman Galaxy Contest Winners 
(Contest Chair: Lisbeth L. McCarty)

Rhymed Poetry:
1st Place: Romance by Neal Huffaker
2nd Place: Poet on the Prairie by Barbara Shepherd
3rd Place: Reflections by Mary Flowers Brannon

Unrhymed Poetry:
1st Place: Memories by Skye Brannon Lucking
2nd Place: Springtime by Jean Stover
3rd Place: Spellbound by Shelley Anne Richter
Honorable Mention: Halloween by Neal Huffaker
Honorable Mention: The Note by Mary Flowers Brannon
Honorable Mention: Auntie’s Temper by Barbara Shepherd

Non-fiction Article:    
1st Place: Purple Elephant by Skye Brannon Lucking
2nd Place: Claudia Potter, Medicine Woman by Barbara Shepherd
3rd Place: Do Adopted Children Grow Up? by Mary Payne
Honorable Mention: Christmas in March by Mary Flowers Brannon

Nostalgic Essay:
1st Place: Into Darkness by Neil Huffaker
2nd Place: Grief Relief by Shelley Anne Richter
3rd Place: Remembering Paul and Jackie by Keith Eaton
Honorable Mention: Writing with One Wing by Barbara Shepherd
Honorable Mention: My Very Most Unforgettable Character by Mary A. Spaulding
Honorable Mention: Little Sister Tagalong by Jean Stover
Honorable Mention: Laughing Gas and the Tornado by Skye Brannon Lucking
Honorable Mention: Could He Do it? by Mary Flowers Brannon

Children’s Fiction:
1st Place: Hear Me on the Radio by Barbara Shepherd
2nd Place: The Spunky Tenderfoot by Neal Huffacker
3rd Place: A Lottery Ticket for Lionel by Shelley Anne Richter
Honorable Mention: The Other Twin by Mary Flowers Brannon
Honorable Mention: Lessons for Lyncoya by Mary Payne

Short Story:
1st Place: Mystery without Mozart by Susan Brassfield Cogan
2nd Place: The Portrait Painter by Barbara Shepherd
3rd Place: Granny Thistle by Shelley Ann Richter
Honorable Mention: The Indomitable Dentist by Neal Huffacker

The Bonnie Speer Creme de la Creme Winner: Into Darkness by Neal Huffaker
List of all Creme de la Creme winners, to date:
2001:  Anne Champeau, Veteran’s Day at the Vietnam Memorial, Nonfiction Article
2002:  Stan Solloway (now deceased), The Iron, Short Story
2003:  Frances Searcey. The New Student, Nostalgic Essay
2004: Robert Ferrier, A Certain Age, Poem
2005: Vickey Kennedy, Aristocrat, Short Story
2006: David J. Jeffery, Poem Envy, Rhymed Poetry
2007: Frances Searcey, The Box-Seat Witness, Short Story
2008: Mark Hardick [now deceased], The Last Indian War, Short Story
2009: Keith Eaton, Pals in the Golden West, Nostalgic Essay
2010: Dion Mayes-Burnett, White Roses, Short Story
2011: Ruth Castillo, Dorothy Dayton Jones: The Dolly Smith Days, Nonfiction Article
2012: Shelley Anne Richter, Harold’s Helper, Unrhymed Poetry
2013: Lisbeth McCarty, At Night, I Dreamed of Heaven, Nostalgic Essay
2014: Neal Huffaker, Into Darkness, Nostalgic Essay
2015:  Sylvia Forbes, Tales from the Swamp, Nostalgic Essay
2016:  Barbara Shepard, Daffodil Waltz, Short Story
2017:  Barbara Shepherd, Octavia’s Secret, Short Story
2018:  Lisbeth L. McCarty, Peppers and Salt, Short Story
2019:  Cindy Noble, Worldmakers, Novel
2020:  Shelley Anne Richter, The Hiarcut from Mars, Children's Story
2021:  Cindy Noble, Novel, Twilight Rangers, Novel