Writers Growing Up

Look at the photos of these young writers from The Norman Galaxy of Writers. Try to identify the member. Answers will be revealed at a later time. The blurb about the writer is underneath the photo.

When I was about crawling age, my parents kept the jars of baby food in a bin near the floor. I could reach into the bin. I liked to take all the jars out of the bin . . . and then put them all back in again . . . and then take them all out again.

I was always dressed to the nines. I still take pride in looking my best.

I was a quiet child, so quiet in fact that my Mom used to forget that she even had me.

[I was a] typical, middle-child people pleaser. All five of us [siblings] got  along really well. We played outside a lot.

This writer is shown with her first ever typewriter, and she continues to write and write well.