Writers Growing Up

The BIG REVEAL: In order as set forth in photos, the writers are (last names omitted), Marissa, a stock photo sent in by a trickster to represent Sherry, Lisbeth, Mary, Barbara, Helen (with parents and brother), Dan (2 photos), and Linda (with her mom).

When I was about crawling age, my parents kept the jars of baby food in a bin near the floor. I could reach into the bin. I liked to take all the jars out of the bin . . . and then put them all back in again . . . and then take them all out again.

I was always dressed to the nines. I still take pride in looking my best.

I was a quiet child, so quiet in fact that my Mom used to forget that she even had me.

[I was a] typical, middle-child people pleaser. All five of us [siblings] got  along really well. We played outside a lot.

This writer is shown with her first ever typewriter, and she continues to write and write well.

The child on the left is one of the Norman Galaxy of Writer members, and this person is always involved for the good of the club.

This kid retains his irrational enthusiasm!

Who picks the clothes around here?