Formatting your Brags

Friends, here is the general format for submitting Brags and the reasons why we ask that you use it. Cindy Noble has agreed to serve as reporter to the OWFI newsletter for us. She will forward our Brags to be included in that magazine, which, as a member, you receive either by email or as hard copy. The newsletter editor requires our submissions in the proper format. Equally important are the categories. Please note the requirements.

Acceptances and Sales
• Should include articles, stories, book reviews, curricula, radio scripts, columns, editing, poetry, or anything a member takes part in writing. Required information in this order:
i. Member name in all caps, bold font, easy to read font Times New followed by a colon (:).
ii. Genre title in all caps, not bolded followed by a colon (:).
iii. Title of work in proper format followed by a comma (,).
iv. Publication/publisher name (if e-published, please indicate company name and website address) in proper format followed by the date.
v. Date in parenthesis using abbreviated form (May 2001 = 05/01) followed by a semi-colon (;) if there is more to add or by a period (.) if there isn’t.
For books, including ebooks,
Member name in all caps and boldface letters followed by a colon.
ii. Type of publication in all caps, not boldfaced followed by a colon.
iii. Full title of book in proper format followed by a comma.
iv. Publisher followed by date.
v. Date in (mm/yy) format. Publication date, not acceptance date.

MARY ELLEN COOPER: E-BOOK: Murder in Mexico, Adventure Books in Canada ( (01/01).
KELLI MCBRIDE: NOVEL: Heart’s Concealed, Dell (05/02).

AUDREY EGGERS: ARTICLE: “Sent with Blessing,” The Doorstep and The Lutheran Witness
(08/00); “Just a Taste,” Christian Home & School Magazine.
SISTIE GIVENS: COLUMN: “Stillwater Talk,” Kameoka International Community Newspaper.
MOIRA K. WILEY: ARTICLE: “Emu in the Zone,” Emu Today & Tomorrow (04/01); POEM: “Golden,” Poetic License (09/01).

Honors & Awards
• Must relate to writing in some way and include various things like invitations to be a panelist or speaker, etc.

Professional Activities
• This can include any writing related activity including: book signings, teaching, speaking, book tours, or anything else pertaining to your writing career.

Club News
• Club activities that affected the club on a whole. This can include new officer elections (report only at election time), contests you’re holding, parties, etc.

Contest winnings
• Any contest except OWFI contest winnings. They are published separately. Required information:
i. Member name in all caps and boldface letters followed by a colon.
ii. Name of Contest followed by a comma.
iii. Name of genre or category in all caps followed by a colon.
iv. Ranking (1st Place, etc. HM=honorable mention).
v. Title of winning piece followed by a semi-colon or period.