July 2016

Tom Barczak will talk about building a career as a writer. He has published several fantasy books. Of one of them, Veil of the Dragon, he says, “My background is an artist, turned architect, turned author, who’s finally getting around to writing those stories I started on my front porch as a kid. It’s a story I've been trying to tell all along, in my paintings, with my poetry, and even before that, just sitting around the table with my friends, slaying dragons.”
  Tom is going to tell us more about writing and how he’s building his career as a writer. We know him as a past president of Galaxy, a busy dad of three really great boys, and a friend, always ready to help. Bring your notebooks and be ready to learn some tips about building a writing career.
  His second novel, Mouth of the Dragon, Prophecy of the Evarun, is scheduled for release by Perseid Press in summer/fall 2016.
Kathleen Park