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The Norman Galaxy of Writers' Annual Contest
Deadline: October Meeting
You may enter only one entry in each category, but enter as many categories as you wish.
Nonfiction Article: 1,500 words maximum
Short Story (Fiction): 2,000 words maximum
Rhymed Poetry: Any length.
Unrhymed Poetry: Any length.
Nostalgic Essay (Personal): 1,500 words maximum
Children’s Fiction (for readers 8-12 years of age): 1,000 words maximum
1. You must be a dues-paid member of Norman Galaxy of Writers to enter. Dues are $15 for Galaxy. You may pay dues to the treasurer at any meeting or send Membership Form and check to Norman Galaxy of Writers’ Treasurer, PO Box 5581, Norman, OK 73070.
2. You may hand deliver manuscripts to the contest chair at any meeting or mail (must be received by deadline) to Norman Galaxy of Writers’ Contest Chair, PO Box 5581, Norman, OK 73070.
3. All entries must be unpublished or unaccepted for publication at the time of submission. Any manuscript entered must be your own original work.
4. Previous money-winning manuscripts (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Crème de la Crème) may not be entered again 
5. A $2.00 fee PER MANUSCRIPT must be enclosed. You may enter each category once. No manuscript may be entered in more than one category.
6. Entries must be typed on 8” x 11” white, 20-weight printer copy paper and must be double-spaced except for poetry. If entry is longer than one page, type the title of your entry in the top left corner of every page except the first page and page number on top right corner.
7. Author’s name MUST NOT appear on any manuscript.
8. Type your name, address, phone number, title and category on a cover sheet and attach to each manuscript with a paper clip. DO NOT STAPLE.
9. If you will not be attending the December awards luncheon, please arrange for someone at the luncheon to pick up your entries or enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope (large enough for all your entries).
  • There must be a minimum of three entries in a category before it will be judged and prizes awarded.
  • Awards will be presented at the annual December Awards Luncheon. Manuscripts will be returned at that 
  • Certificates and cash will be awarded in each category. 1st Place: $15, 2nd Place: $10, 3rd Place: $5. Certificates will go to honorable mentions. The Bonnie Speer Crème de la Crème Award ($30) goes to the best of the 1st Place winners.
  • Judges will be selected by the chairperson based on their experience in the genre and willingness to write critiques. The judges’ decisions are final.