The June presentation at Galaxy will be Susan Cogan talking about Journaling. Keeping a diary is a perfectly good thing to do, but there are three kinds of journals that writers should consider keeping. #1 is a bullet journal. This type of journal helps to organize your time and your ideas. Busy people often keep a day planner which is very helpful but planners are not specific to writers and the needs of creative people. #2 is, for want of a better term, a "Journal-Journal." This is a journal for discussion, daydreams, and brainstorms. It can be a repository for anything from movie reviews to unhinged rants. Journal #3 is called a "Commonplace Journal." In this journal, you keep snips and bits of ideas, pictures, things torn out of the newspaper or random quotes you find here and there. Cogan will discuss how to set up each kind of journal and how to roll them all into one, if that is what works best for you.  The meeting is June 9, 2018, with the meeting beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the University Lutheran Church, 914 Elm Street, Norman, OK, with parking on the west side off of College street. Hope to see you there!